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Windrush – Commons intervention

2nd May 2018


North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale, has this week supported the Government` determination to take action against illegal immigration.  Intervening in the exchanges following an urgent question request from the Opposition the MP said


“The Home Secretary (Sajid Javid) has forcefully made it clear that he shares the desire of his two immediate predecessors to resolve the Windrush issue fairly and as swiftly as possible.  Does he agree with the Windrush constituent who, speaking on radio this morning, indicated that although he was going to find it necessary to provide the necessary documentation he nevertheless recognised, as a legal migrant, the need to control illegal immigration into this country”?


Responding, The Home Secretary  said


“From the way my Hon. Friend explains it I very much agree with that analysis”.


Following the exchange Sir Roger said:


“Nobody can deny that some people who have not registered their naturalisation as British Citizens have faced unacceptable difficulties and the Government has apologised for that and is making every effort to put the situation right. We should not, though, allow the “Windrush” issue to detract from the fact that the Government has to continue to crack down on illegal immigration and that the `target` for compliance should be 100%. Illegal Immigration provides a rich living for human traffickers, causes misery for those being trafficked -  very often into modern slavery -  and exacerbates the situation facing those who, historically and recently, have arrived lawfully and are seeking proper recognition of their claims.”

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