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Speakers Panel of Chairmen. Roger's involvement

The Speakers Panel of Chairmen is appointed by Mr. Speaker to chair Legislative Standing Committees, Delegated legislation and statutory instruments,  Debates in Westminster Hall and Bills taken as a Committee of the Whole House (e.g. sections of the Finance Bill) on the floor of the Main Chamber.
In the Chair, members act for Mr. Speaker to manage the business, do not participate in debates and remain non-partisan. Traditionally, Chairmen do not vote on the second reading of bills that they are due to chair and neither do they vote on any of the further stages of the bill. (Hence apparent deficiencies in a busy Chairman’s voting record!)

Sessions normally commence and end with delegated (secondary) legislation which takes one session only in committee.
I would expect to take the lead chairmanship of two major Government Bills,(such as the Gambling Bill or the Finance Bill) , perhaps a further two minor Bills (such as the Drugs Bill) and a further one or two Private Members` Bills in the course of a session in addition to European Standing Committee, Grand Committee and Westminster Hall Chairmanships.




Since his appointment to the panel in 1997 Roger Gale has handled the following legislation:


Session 2017/2018

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill


Session 2015/2016

The Finance Bill

Draft Patents Order

Draft Climate Change Order

Draft Financial Services anr Markets Act 2000 Order

Savings (Government Contributions ) Bill

Session 2014/2015
Draft Paternity and Adoption Leave Regulations 2014
European Committee C/ EU Industrial policy
Affordable Homes Bill
Infrastructure Bill (Lords)
Draft Northern Ireland Assembly (Elections ) Order
Grants to the Churches Conservation Trust Order
Public Bodies (Abolition of the Library Council for England) Order
Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations Order 2015
Representation of the People (Ballot Paper) Regulations 2015
Representation of the People, (Combination of Polls) Order 2015
Police and Crime Commissioner Elections Order 2015
Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products Order 2015

Session 2013/2014
Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill
Draft Excepted Vehicles Order
Immigration Bill
Deep Sea Mining Bill
Draft Financial Services and Marketing Act Amendment Order
Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

Session 2012/2013
Marine Navigation bill
European Union (Croatian Accession and Irish Protocol) Committee of the whole House
Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill
Draft Purbeck (Electoral Changes) Order
Energy Bill
Draft Social Security (Loss of Benefit) Regulations
European Committee C/EU and the European Space Agency

Session 2011/2012
Draft Immigration (Biometric Registration) Regulations 2012
Civil Aviation Bill
Draft Data Gathering Powers Regulations
European Committee B / Asylum & Migration Fund etc.
Finance Bill
European Committee B / Freedom, Security & Justice orders
Infrastructure (Financial Assistance) Bill

Session 2010/2011 (Post General Election)
Alternative Vote and Boundaries Bill
Superannuation Bill
Terrorist Asset Freezing Bill (Lords)
Estates of Deceased Persons Bill
Draft Climate Change Levy Regulations 2011
Budget Responsibility and National Audit Bill (Lords)
Health and Social Care Bill
Draft Equality Act (Supplementary Amendments) Order 2011
Draft Immigration and nationality (Fees) Regulations 2011
Legislation (Territorial Extent) Bill
Finance Bill
Health and Social Care (re-committed) Bill
Draft Renewable Heat Incentive Regulations 2011
Draft Modifications to Standard Conditions of Electricity Supply Licences Regs. 2011
Draft Health and Social Care Act 2008 Regulations 2011
Draft International Development Association Order 2011

Session 2009/2010
MoD Police Appeals Tribunals Regulations 2009
Draft Census (England and Wales) Order
Financial Services Bill
Draft Regulations, Investigatory Powers
Sustainable Communities Act (Amendment) Bill
Third Parties (Rights against insurers) Bill

Session 2008/2009
Draft Christmas Bonus Order 2008
Coroners and Justice Bill
Banking Act 2009 (Property Transfers) Order
Church of England Pensions Measure
Autism Bill
Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill
Marine and Coastal Access Bill
Perpetuities and Accumulations Bill
European Committee B
(Justice and Home Affairs Programme)

Session 2007/2008
Guidance Issued under the Licensing Act 2003
Housing & Regeneration Bill
Radioactive Contaminated Land Regulations
Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill
Draft Financial Assistance Scheme Regulations
Banking Bill

Session 2006/2007
Pensions Bill
Finance Bill
Draft Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Amendment) Order
Draft Asylum Order 2007

Session 2005/2006
Equality Bill
Animal Welfare Bill
Draft Terrorism Act 200 (Northern Ireland) Order
Draft Lord Chancellor Transfer of Functions Order 2006
Charities Bill
Corporate Manslaughter & Homicide Bill

Session 2004/2005
Gambling Bill
Drugs Bill
(General Election)
Delegated Legislation – Draft Social Security Regulations
Draft Special Educational Needs Order
Draft Water Fluoridation Order
Inquiries Bill (Lords)
Draft Remand in Custody Rules
Racial & Religious Hatred Bill
Identity Cards Bill
National Lottery Bill

Session 2003/04
Delegated Legislation – Strategic Health Authorities
Delegated Legislation – Media Ownership Order
Delegated Legislation – Justice (Northern Ireland) Act
Higher Education Bill
Delegated Legislation – Agricultural Statistics (Northern Ireland)
European Standing Committee – Transport of Live Animals
Northern Ireland Grand Committee – Rates Amendment
Crown Employment (Nationality) Bill
Sex Discrimination Bill
Energy Bill
European Standing Committee – Staff Regulations
European Standing Committee – Draft Budget
Delegated Legislation – Student Fees
Civil Partnership Bill
Session 2002/03
Delegated Legislation – Maternity and Parental Leave
Delegated Legislation – Flexible Working Regulations
Communications Bill
Police (Northern Ireland) Bill
Sunday Working (Scotland) Bill
Licensing Bill
Delegated Legislation – Local Government Finance
Finance Bill
Delegated Legislation – Financial Services & Markets
Female Genital Mutilation Bill
Delegated Legislation – European Communities Act
Delegated Legislation – Representation of the People (Northern Ireland)
Delegated Legislation – Representation of the People (Scotland)
Delegated Legislation – National Minimum Wage Regulations
Delegated Legislation – Animals By-Products Regulations
Sexual Offences Bill

Session 2001/02
Marine Wildlife Conservation Bill
Proceeds of Crime Bill
Office of Communications (OFCOM) Bill
Delegated Legislation – Tax Credit Up-rating
Delegated Legislation – Local Government Finance
(General Election)
Finance Bill
Delegated Legislation – Child Support Appeals
Delegated Legislation – Local Government Finance
Delegated Legislation – Maximum Number of Judges Order

Session 2000/01 
Delegated Legislation – Draft Broadcasting Order
Delegated Legislation – Social Security Amendment
Homes Bill
Criminal Justice and Police Bill
European Standing Committee – Community Immigration Policy
Delegated Legislation – Financial Investigations (Northern Ireland)
Homelessness Bill
Delegated Legislation – Local Government Finance

Session 1999/00
Delegated Legislation – Fire Precautions Regulations
European Standing Committee – Financial Services
Financial Services and Markets Bill
Transport Bill
Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Bill
Medical Treatment Bill
Care Standards Bill
Finance Bill
Delegated Legislation – National Assembly for Wales (Transfer of functions) Order
European Standing Committee - Equal Treatment in Employment
Insolvency Bill

Session 1998/99
Delegated Legislation – Disability Discrimination
Delegated Legislation – Rates, Northern Ireland
Delegated Legislation – Government of Wales Act (Housing)
Road Traffic Bill
Local Government Bill
European Standing Committee – Transport Infrastructure Charging
Road Traffic (Vehicle Testing) Bill
Delegated Legislation – Medicines Amendment Regulations
Health Bill
Delegated Legislation – Draft Scotland Act Amendment
Commonwealth Development Corporation Bill
Food Standards Bill

Session 1997/98
Delegated Legislation – Draft European Definition of Treaties Agreement
European standing Committee – Tobacco Advertising
Social Security Bill
Firearms Act Compensation Scheme
Public Interest Disclosure Bill
School Standards and Framework Bill
Teaching and Higher Education Bill
National Lottery Bill
Northern Ireland Grand Committee
Finance Bill
Chamber of Commerce Bill
Registration of Political Parties Bill
Private Hire Vehicles Bill
Delegated Legislation – Special Grant Report

Delegated Legislation – International Monetary Fund

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