Press Releases 2021

Roger regularly issues press releases about current topics. We have included a selection of them here which we hope will be of interest to you.

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November 19th 2021


Please find attached a letter regarding International Travel update from Grant Shapps



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November 16th 2021


Yesterday in the Westminster Hall debate I put pressure on the DEFRA Minister to take action on raw sewage discharge.


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November 14th 2021

COP 26


We have once again fallen far short of the commitments needed to protect our planet, our environment and our habitats from the destruction of man made climate change. In so doing we have failed not only our children and our grandchildren but our endangered terrestrial and marine wildlife.




October 28th 2021

Kent's Heritage Coast


Kent`s Heritage Coast is listed at number four in the Lonely Planet “Best in Travel” collection of the Top Ten Places to Visit in 2022.

The Collection, which has been published for seventeen years, is regarded as one of the World`s leading travel guides and the Kent Heritage Coast is the only United Kingdom location included in this year`s lists.



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October 27th 2021

Manston Airport – the draft “Assessors Report”


I regard the draft “Manston Airport Assessors Report” as deeply flawed. That is not surprising as it contains numerous errors and no original material but is instead based upon one-sided extracts drawn from the original Inspectors` report which itself was flawed.  For example, the report`s authors (led by Arup)  appear to have made no effort to make contact with locally elected representatives to seek their views and have



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October 25th 2021

Southern Water Statement


I, like many of my constituents, am appalled to see the way in which Southern Water keep using our bathing waters as a dumping site. I have not been able to vote on the amendments or the Environment Bill itself as I chaired the Bill through the committee stages and as chair, I am obliged by parliamentary rule to take a neutral position in the voting lobby.



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October 19th 2021


My tribute in the House, to my friend and colleague, Sir David Amess.


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The Auditor’s report confirms that the Conservative Leader of TDC Ash Ashbee, was right, as soon as she discovered the nature of the failure of governance upon taking office, to seek the assistance of the Department for Local Government to provide assistance to rectify the identfied failings. Others should have acted before her.


August 28th 2021

Westgate Post Office Consultation

Please click on the below link to allow you to have your say:

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July 8th 2021


Congratulations to the English team on their win tonight. And good to know that Sir Geoff Hurst, the hat- trick scorer in Sir Alf Ramsey’s 1966 winning World Cup squad will be joining the commentary team for the final back at Wembley on Sunday.

Oh and guess what?


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July 7th 2021


The `when to take the brakes off?’ question is a tricky one: the “If not now then when?” argument is compelling .

I fear though that Mr. Johnson is once again going too far too fast and relying upon the common sense and responsibility of the public to set their own rules is a recipe for confusion.

I think there is a strong case for maintaining the use of masks, in confined spaces and most particularly on public transport , and a degree of social distancing – again particularly indoors – is also still warranted. Sajid Javid`s sanguine suggestion that infection could reach 100,000 per day in a fortnight`s time is truly alarming because at those levels the emergence of a new and vaccine resistant variant is more likely.

Nevertheless we do have to move forward, the economy – particularly in the hospitality, entertainment and aviation sectors - does have to be allowed to recover, young people do need to be able to be in and to stay in school , and “working from home” full-time cannot go on for ever any more can the furlough scheme.

Some of whatever we do will certainly have its critics and probably be wrong! What we can do, however, is continue to look after ourselves and those dear to us


May 17th 2021

Small Business owners in North Thanet urged to give evidence on trading with Europe to UK Trade and Business Commission

Sir Roger Gale is urging small business owners in North Thanet who have been impacted by the UK's new trading arrangements with the EU to provide evidence for the cross-party Trade and Business Commission and make their voices "heard loud and clear in Westminster."

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May 16th 2021

A lot of good stuff in the Queen`s Speech on animal welfare and other matters so no point in trying to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We will then have time to read the proposed Planning and other bills and then either try to amend or vote against them. Watch this space!

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May 15th 2021

Planning Bill


There is a false premise that by sacrificing high grade farmland to housing we shall somehow create low-cost homes for the young and re-build a crumbling “blue wall” of Tory-voting aspirant home owners for tomorrow.

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May 2nd 2021

Vernon Hill - Demelza House Fundraiser


Vernon Hill (12) from the Medway Towns  is this weekend completing his promised four round trips of the Viking trail to raise funds for the Demelza House children’s hospice. Matthew’s target was to raise enough to pay for one child for one night (£840) to “make memories and have fun for as long as possible”

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April 21st 2021

Dog thefts further Kent Police response


Dog thefts in Kent have increased slightly since 2019 from 101 reports to 118 reports in 2020. As of about a week ago, there have been 28 reported thefts so far this year.

Kent Police works with partner agencies, charities, volunteers and, of course, our neighbouring police

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April 16th 2021

My address in the House of Commons after the death of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

I believe that a fitting commemoration for His Royal Highness, would be to name the new royal yacht after him.


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April 9th 2021


Very deeply saddened to learn of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh after a lifetime of dedicated and courageous service to our country and to Her Majesty the Queen. All of our thoughts and prayers must be with our Royal Family at this time.

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March 19th 2021


The NHS in Kent and Medway is urging people aged 50 and over to book a Covid-19 vaccination while supplies are plentiful during the next week.

There are many appointments available until the end of March at large vaccination centres as well as at GP-led vaccination sites and pharmacies across the county.

Anyone who is aged 50 and over can now book their Covid-19 vaccine online at, or by calling 119

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March 18th 2021

Sir Roger Gale backs Goals to level up North Thanet

Sir Roger Gale  is supporting a new set of ambitious goals aimed at improving people’s life chances and access to careers in his North Thanet constituency . 

The ‘Levelling Up Goals’ are the practical response to the agenda to level-up Britain in the recovery from

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March 15th 2021

STATEMENT: Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

I have received a number of communications about the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which is having its second reading in the House of Commons  this week. Some of those communications have asked me to “vote against” or “block”  the Bill.. 

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February 25th 2021

This morning I was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 on the proposed 1% pay rise for NHS workers.

I believe that, NHS staff have faced exceptional circumstances and deserve exceptional recognition of that - notwithstanding the pressures on the budget from elsewhere. Let the pay review body do its job and then accept their recommendation.


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February 25th 2021

Stonehill Park - An Apology


On 15th February I participated in a radio interview with BBC Radio Kent about the use of costs of Manston airport as a lorry park. In response to a question about the Government`s payment for these services I indicated that the owners of the airport were not receiving payment and that the monies paid were due to Stone Hill Park under the agreement of sale between SHP and the current owners, RiverOak Strategic

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February 22nd 2021

Lockdown Exit Plan


The four tests which must be met before we can move through each step of the COVID-19 roadmap (see picture below).

Decisions at each step will be made on the latest data and we will be cautious so that we do not undo the progress we have achieved so far.

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February 11th 2021

If you are 70 or over and haven’t had your COVID-19 vaccination please book now

NHS teams in Kent and Medway are working hard to offer the first crucial dose of the vaccine to everyone in the top priority groups by the middle of February.

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February 10th 2021



At PMQs today I asked the Prime Minister that if he is the friend of the countryside will he announce an immediate moratorium on the use of all farm land for housing while the whole policy is reviewed?

It’s a great pity that the Prime Minister did not listen or answer my question.


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Covid 19

February 3rd 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine update


Good contact with the vaccines Minister again this evening. We are getting there but if you or an elderly or vulnerable relative in North Thanet are in a priority group have not been offered a vaccination let me know by e-mail (

We will do our best to get it sorted.

We will need: A name, Address, A contact phone number.


January 22nd 2021

Covid Support


I have joined over 80 parliamentarians in calling for greater support for the aviation, travel and tourism industries following the recent closure of all travel corridors.

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January 19th 2021

Covid Vaccine Supply


I am gravely concerned by the shortage of the supply of Covid 19 Vaccine to local Primary Care Networks in Kent.

It seems to me that to open large new centres that have to be supplied with vaccines and to promise to

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January 16th 2021

Universal Credit

I have already expressed to Treasury Ministers my view that given the original justification for the uplift – which was always intended to be temporary and has already been extended – it should be extended further to recognise the ongoing effects of the pandemic upon incomes.


January 11th 2021

Good news that Rapid (Electric) Taxi Charging points have been installed in Margate (Station and Market Square), Birchington (Albion Road) and Herne Bay (Beach Street). Now we need to take advantage of KCC`s Parish EV project run by Connected Kent and bid for the second wave of Parish chargers. None in the first wave, sadly.


January 5th 2021

Business Support

New one-off grant to support retail, hospitality and leisure businesses forced to closed.

Retail, hospitality and leisure business premises forced to close can claim a one-off grant of up to £9,000. The one-off additional grant each business premises will receive depends on their rateable value:

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Covid 19

January 4th 2021

National Lockdown

As we head into this national lockdown please see below the guidance that the government has published.

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January 3rd 2021

Notwithstanding the Prime Minister’s view, expressed on Television this morning, that “schools are safe” I hold to the opinion that in tier 4 areas of infection a further post-Christmas breathing space for evaluation is needed before primary schools in East Kent re-open.

The decision taken before the spread of the new strain of Coronavirus was premature and even at this late stage must be re-assessed. I entirely endorse the view expressed by Kent County Council in their letter to the Secretary of State.

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January 2nd 2021

We need consistency in a schools re-opening policy that reflects the spread of the pandemic as it is now and not as it was before Christmas. What is right for London has to be right for East Kent. Delay the start of term and re-assess the needs of both the education and health services.

Teachers’ lives matter.