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Press Releases 2024

Roger regularly issues press releases about current topics. We have included a selection of them here which we hope will be of interest to you.

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February 29th 2024

The too-frequent cancellation of South Eastern rail services between Minster and Sandwich is damaging to students travelling to and from Sandwich schools and is wholly unacceptable. With no alternative bus service young people are in danger becoming stranded. I am pursuing this with South Eastern and with the Rail Minister with the support of County Councillor Derek Crow-Brown.

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February 25th 2024


After discussing the need to have a water station closer to those villages without or with low water pressure in Thanet, I have had confirmation that Southern Water are now progressing with plans to move one of their bottled water stations to Manston Airport, and are hopeful that the move across to Manston Airport will happen overnight, ahead of opening tomorrow morning. Thank you to RSP for allowing Southern Water to use the airport.

I have also been told by Southern Water that “Some customers should start to see water return this afternoon, thanks to a temporary solution have put in place. We have rezoned water around our network and some customers should expect to see supply return this afternoon over the next few hours.”

Also thanks to Dover Councillor Martin Porter: hopefully supplies will be back on later tonight in Little Stour and Ashstone in the meantime SW are delivering door-to-door where needed.

As ever, please do contact me for further help on this matter.

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February 25th 2024


I have spoken with Southern Water’s Stakeholder Manager, John Mealey, to place a water station in Thanet as it is not good enough to expect residents to go to Canterbury.

I will keep residents updated.

Water pressure - Thanet Villages

I am in regular contact with Southern Water following their information that water pressure in some Thanet villages is being affected by a defect.

In order to correct this, it may be necessary to cut off water supplies for the shortest necessary period.

I know Southern Water engineers are working around the clock to resolve the issue and I have been told bottled water is to be supplied to local residents. However, if there are any residents that have not received bottled water please do contact my office where we will endeavour to assist you further or Southern Water’s helpline on - 0330 303 0368

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February 7th 2024

It appears to me utterly perverse that a Judge who is a member of an expert panel set up by the Government to determine planning matters should have decreed that there are no grounds, on ‘need’, environmental or any other matters, for appeal against the Secretary of State’s decision to grant a Development Consent Order on Manston Airport only to have that decision reversed and a right to yet a further appeal granted by another Judge whose expertise is not in planning.

Fortunately the investors waiting to pour hundreds of millions of pounds into job-creating aviation facilities at Manston are staunch and will stand by the project but I am determined to ensure that the legal absurdities of this case are brought to the attention of the Lord Chancellor.

It is a nonsense that an organisation like National Grid appears able to ride roughshod over the environment while a significant investment in the National interest can be frustrated by a handful of people with a bit of money behind them. This has to be addressed-fast.

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The Post Office

January 10th 2024

I share the sense of anger and frustration about the manner in which the Post Office has treated some of its loyal and honest Postmasters and Postmistresses.

The seeds of the deception were sown under the Blair/Brown administration and persisted throughout the Coalition Government formed between the Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties under the supervision of the the Liberal Democrat Minister Ed Davey.

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My Christmas Video for 2024

December 23rd 2023

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