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  • September 8th 2022: My thoughts and those of my family are, with those that I am elected to represent I am sure, with Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family at what is clearly a time of great concern for Her Majesty’s health.

  • September 5th 2022: The new Prime Minister will be taking on a huge task when she is sworn in by the Queen at Balmoral tomorrow. At the top of the agenda must be the cost of living and fuel prices.We need well-targeted measures to help the most vulnerable, care & residential homes & small businesses - particularly in the hospitality sector. If she seeks to deliver on these issues then she will have my full support. We need a breath of fresh air & honesty in Government.

  • August 18th 2022: The DCO has been granted for Manston. This is the good news that we have been awaiting for so long. There will no doubt be additional hurdles to tackle but I look forward to seeing wheels on tarmac at Manston again and all of the job creation and economic benefits that a revitalised freight and passenger airport will bring to East Kent and to the whole of the UK. Huge thanks to all of those who have kept the faith.

  • April 9th 2022: Credit to Johnson for meeting President Zelensky in Kyiv. Symbolic, possibly, but a clear message to Putin.The UK, the US and the EU now need to get defensive weaponry, including aircraft, to Ukraine immediately.The Prime Minister also must cut away the bureaucracy in the Home Office and show the same generosity and welcome to Ukrainians seeking refuge in the UK as he has demonstrated and received on the global stage in the Ukrainian capital city.

  • March 16th 2022: Network Rail is upgrading Ships Meadow footpath level crossing.“To improve safety at the Ships Meadow footpath level crossing, from 04:00am on Tuesday 22 March 2022 there will be a new red/green light system and new signage located on both sides of the crossing and pedestrians will be required to adhere to this before crossing over the railway lines.” “We are hosting a drop-in information session this Thursday 17 March 2022, 15:00 - 18:00 at The Grove Ferry Inn, Lodge Function Room, Grove Ferry Road, Upstreet, Canterbury, CT3 4BP where residents will be able to find out more about why the new measures are necessary and ask our teams any questions they may have.” “I’d be grateful if your team could share this information with your constituents in case any residents would like to join Community Relations and level crossing team colleagues, or they can email:

  • March 15th 2022: Please use the following link regarding Homes for Ukraine:

  • March 6th 2022: How many refugees from the war in Ukraine have to date been received in the United Kingdom? What are we doing to relieve the pressure on those frontline states that have already taken in more than a million people? Time, surely, to cut the red tape and admit any refugees with a valid Ukrainian passport and any accompanying children. If we can do it for those arriving illegally by cross-channel boats then we can do it for those fleeing from Putin’s war in Ukraine.

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