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Gale marks Srebrenica Memorial Day

July 11th 2018

To mark Srebrenica Memorial Day North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale,  honoured those who were murdered during the genocide 23 years ago.

Sir Roger signed the Remembering Srebrenica Book of Pledges, promising to stand up to hatred and intolerance and promote a fair, equal and cohesive society for everyone.

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of the worst atrocity on European soil since World War Two when over 8,000 men and boys were murdered just because of their faith in the Srebrenica genocide.

Dr Waqar Azmi, OBE, Chair of Remembering Srebrenica, said: “It is vital that MPs such as Sir Roger  show leadership in their communities to help ensure that the lessons of this terrible genocide are learnt. His actions will help to raise awareness of Srebrenica, whilst inspiring local people to tackle hatred, build stronger, more cohesive communities.”

Sir Roger said:

“As one  of the rapporteurs commenting upon Bosnia/Herzegovina I have visied the Balkans on a number of occasions and heard at terrifyingly first hand the experiences of survivors of the atrocities that have taken place very much within our living memory.

“Srebrenica Memorial Day reminds us all that a shocking genocide took place in our lifetime and this should never be forgotten. As the Leader of the UK delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe  I strongly encourage everyone not just to take this day as an opportunity to remember the victims and survivors of Srebrenica, but also to work together to make our own community a place that welcomes and cherishes diversity.”

Srebrenica Memorial Week takes places from 8h – 15th July, with about 2000 memorial events activities taking place across the country arranged by schools, faith groups and community organisations, as well as the National UK event at The Guildhall, London on 11th July at 6pm.

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