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26-30 Railcard - National Roll Out Announced

October 26th 2018

Today, rail companies are announcing that over 4 million people across the country will be eligible to take advantage of 1/3 off their leisure journeys, for just £30 a year, when the National Rail 26-30 Railcard launches before the end of this year. 


Launching nationwide as the first digital-only Railcard, the National Rail 26-30 Railcard will be available to buy Once downloaded to their smartphone, customers will be able to start travelling (and saving) straight away, with no need to wait for the post. If their phone runs out of battery or gets lost, the 26-30 Railcard can be swapped to another mobile device.


As you may be aware, the 26-30 Railcard was originally piloted in East Anglia on 6th December 2017, with a trial extended nationwide on 13th March 2018. This was to gather additional insights to ensure the Railcard was the right product for the age group.

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