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Private Jet Travel

July 18th 2023

The campaign proposal to phase out private jet aircraft travel begs a number of serious questions. 

Is it intended that from 2030 all `private` jet aircraft should be banned from the United Kingdom?  If so then there would be a hugely deleterious effect upon inward investment and the economy. We have no power to ban international jet travel and such a ban in the UK would simply direct traffic – and business – elsewhere. 

Is it intended that UK citizens would be banned from using private jet aircraft?  If so UK businessmen would be placed at an internationally competitive disadvantage to no appreciably useful purpose. 

Is it intended that Government Ministers with the associated Press corps and others (military personnel for example) should be barred from using private aircraft? If so our ability as a nation to engage in international diplomacy would be seriously weakened. 

Has the campaign compared the relatively modest number of frequently short-haul `private` jet aircraft flights with the number of `unnecessary` `private` charter holiday flights?  If not they should do so or face the justified accusation that the campaigners are seeking to hit at a populist `elitist` soft target at the expense of other more polluting but publicly enjoyed aviation! 

Within a few years we shall, I believe, achieve the advent  of clean hydrogen/electric-powered aircraft and the likelihood is that those will be introduced on short-haul flights and through General (`private`) Aviation while the technology to power longer-haul routes is developed. Targeting the GA sector would therefore again be counter-productive. 

I am afraid that while I most certainly wish to see the introduction of a multi-national fleet of environmentally friendly jet aircraft I do not believe a a `ban on private jet travel by 2030` has anything to constructively or responsibly offer. 

Sir Roger Gale MP

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