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Waive Health fees for immigrant NHS and care workers - Sir Roger Gale

May 21st 2020

North Thanet`s MP Sir Roger Gale is backing cross=-party calls for the Government to waive health charges levied upon immigrant workers in the NHS and Social Care services.


Speaking in Kent this morning the MP said:


“At the despatch box yesterday the Prime Minister gave a figure of £900 million as the sum raised for the Health Service in fees raised by the charge upon immigrants  and visitors.  This charge is a Home Office responsibility and I am quite sure that the Prime Minister gave the figure that he was provided with in good faith.  Having checked with the House of Commons library however, as I did straight after question time,it is clear that this is a total figure for the sum collected and not the amount actually received annually from Health and Care Service employed immigrants. That figure is a fraction of the total sum – probably not more than £50 million.  I have tabled a written question to secure the correct details from the Home Office but in the meantime I strongly believe that the £400 charge should be waived for those immigrants currently working in the Health and Care services and saving lives.


To do otherwise would rightly be perceived as mean-spirited, doctrinaire and petty – and the Prime Minister has none of those failings”. 


Contact Roger Gale 01227-722110


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