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Manston Airport -Decision Delay

December 1st 2020

“The future of Manston Airport has been subjected to further delay in the light of the application for Judicial Review” says North Thanet`s MP Sir Roger Gale.


“The Department of Transport has acknowledged that the Minister of State`s decision letter could have contained more information as to reasons” says the MP. “That being so the Department has concede=d these grounds and will no doubt wish to afford all parties the opportunity to make further submissions before re-visiting the DCO and issuing a further and more detailed letter of determination in due course.


With the endgame of Brexit fast approaching the need for the airport is stronger not weaker: the airfield is contracted for use as a lorry park for twelve months so the effects of the delay, while tiresome ought to be minimal and I remain confident that the right decisions will be taken in the interests of Thanet, Kent and the United Kingdom and that planes will be flying again from Manston in a couple of years` time”.

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