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Manston Airport – DCO submission 

July 18th 2018

North Thanet`s MP Sir Roger Gale has today (Tuesday 17th July) welcomed the re-submission by RiverOak Strategic Partnership, of their application for a Development Consent Order for Manston Airport. 

Speaking from the House of Commons the MP said: 

“I hold to the view that Manston Airport is, in the national as well as the local interest, needed as a strategic freight and passenger facility serving the South East. 

This re-submission underscores the importance of the necessary changes made to the draft local plan to honour undertakings given to the electorate and to protect the airfield from alternative development. 

The UK has a desperate shortage of air freight capacity and only Manston can offer the length of runway and supporting facilities needed to provide for the business that is currently haemorrhaging from Britain to mainland European airports. 

RiverOak has spent a great deal of time and money addressing and responding in detail to questions posed by the National Planning Inspectorate and I hope and expect that in short order the project will now be accepted for examination. That will provide the opportunity for those with concerns to examine the full submission in detail and to raise any valid objections. 

While the length of time that the consideration is taking is frustrating it is important that due process is followed and that full public confidence is maintained so that in due course a recommendation to accept the DCO can be made to the Secretary of State for endorsement.” 

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