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Gale`s (Limited) View – May 2023

May 2nd 2023


Apologies for the long period of relative silence. 

My duty as an Acting Deputy Speaker was extended by order of the House of Commons, until the end of this parliamentary session – which effectively means until mid-October. 

During this time I am, in common with all of the holders of this office, not permitted to speak in debates, table parliamentary questions, vote on legislation or comment publicly on contentious and partisan issues. (Local matters such as the future of Manston Airport are exempt from this restriction). 

All of my constituency casework continues to be processed as swiftly as possible of course and I am able to communicate my views privately in person or writing to Ministers so that my constituents` needs are not left unrepresented. 

I anticipate that full normal service will resume with the State Opening of the next session of Parliament in the Autumn. 

In the meantime I hope that all of those that I have been privileged to have been elected to represent will be able to enjoy the spectacle, the pageantry and the solemnity of what for many will be the once-in-a lifetime experience of the Coronation of a new Monarch. 

With my best wishes. 

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