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“East Kent European Movement” – Herne Bay leaflet “A travesty” – Sir Roger Gale

June 1th 2018

A “What Brexit Means for Herne Bay” leaflet published by the London-based “European Movement” has been described as “a travesty bordering on the downright dishonest” by The Bay`s MP, Sir Roger Gale.


“This leaflet was published without my approval or endorsement “ says  Sir Roger. “It contains `quotations` from articles that I have written and that are taken out of context and that in my view are deliberately designed, when juxtaposed with copy that is nothing to do with me, to mislead. Anti-Brexiteers  have complained bitterly about `Fake News` propagated by diehard `Leavers` but it is clear to me that these `Remainers`  are stooping to the same despicable levels as those that they have hitherto criticised.


It is a matter of public record that I voted Remain and it is also the case that I have made it plain that I have fully accepted the result of the Referendum and that we now have to negotiate an exit deal on the best terms possible for the UK. Of course I have concerns about aspects of an agreement  – as do many of my colleagues – and those concerns are the proper stuff of discussion and negotiation but the overwhelming majority of those on my side of the House want the Prime Minister to be allowed to get on and strike a deal without being constantly undermined at every turn by those  on both extremes who are unable to accept that negotiation is always about compromise.


The views expressed by the `European Movement` in their leaflet are not my views. I am not a member or a supporter of the European Movement and I will not be a party to their “Say No To Brexit “ campaign.

The link below is a copy of the leaflet.

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