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Roger Gale signs up to the Dialysis Manifesto 

October 28th,  2008

Responsibility for the BBC programmes that have caused public outrage must stop right at the top of the organisation, says former radio and television producer and director, Roger Gale.

Speaking on Sky News this lunchtime the MP said that the BBC should not be allowed to get away with making a scapegoat of the Brand/Ross escapades producer, or even of the "stars", but should instead accept responsibility for a failure of editorial control that starts with the Editor in Chief and Director General, Mark Thompson.

"The tone of any organisation is set by the man or the woman in the driving seat" says the MP.  "In the case of the BBC that means the DG.  It is not only this episode but many other programmes and aspects of the management of the BBC that need to be called into question.  The Corporation spends huge sums from the proceeds of the "broadcasting tax" (the license fee) and people are entitled to expect genuine public service in return.

I believe that the BBC management has squandered a huge reservoir of residual public support and affection and that the time has come when either the Trustees must show their mettle or parliament must, reluctantly, intervene. We cannot allow over-priced vulgarity to continue to be a substitute for talent and creativity." 

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