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Prorogation Statement – Roger Gale MP 

August 28th 2019

First, I remain wholly committed to leaving the EU with a deal. Time will tell whether or not Mr Johnson`s Government and the EU can reach an agreement that will get through the House of Commons and to do so by the October 31st deadline that is enshrined in UK law. 

Second, the prorogation is a matter for the Government of the day in consultation and agreement with the Monarch. Mr Johnson is entitled to seek the prorogation of what will have been one of the longest parliaments in history and to seek a State Opening following which a Queen`s Speech will be debated and voted upon. That vote, effectively, becomes a vote of confidence in the Government. 

While the timescale is certainly tight I believe that a prorogation on 9th September followed by a Conference Recess and State Opening should allow time for the necessary procedures prior to a final determination of the terms upon which we leave the European Union. 

While those that seek to frustrate Brexit and to remain within the European Union may not like this I believe, as one who has not championed Mr. Johnson`s cause, that those of us who wish to see an orderly departure from the EU have no cause to challenge his right to his proposals at this stage. He has, after all, stated clearly that there is “a million to one chance that we shall leave the EU without a deal” has he not?


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