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North Thanet's MP, Sir Roger Gale, has spent this weekend working as an international election in Ukraine

May 24th 2014

Visiting the Maidan, the seat of the new year protest which is still occupied by protesters, the MP said.


"It was a very powerful and moving experience. We have all seen the pictures on television,of course, but to stand on the spot where so many young people were murdered by snipers in the cause of democracy was very humbling and drives home the message that we are fortunate to live in freedom.


"Speaking before his deployment Sir Roger added:


"We hope for a peaceful and fair Presidential election and a result that will be accepted both by the whole of Ukraine and by the Russians. There will be parts of the country in the East where voting cannot take place because of intimidation but it is already clear that most people want to put this election behind them and move forward as a free and independent nation. "

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