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Vernon Hill – Demelza House Fundraiser
















May 2nd 2021


Vernon Hill (12) from the Medway Towns  is this weekend completing his promised four round trips of the Viking trail to raise funds for the Demelza House children’s hospice. Matthew’s target was to raise enough to pay for one child for one night (£840) to “make memories and have fun for as long as possible”


Vernon’s efforts have now reached four figures and “we are looking to raise enough for two or even three nights at Demelza” 


North Thanet’s MP Sir  Roger Gale (pictured with Vernon at Minmis Bay on the Viking Trail) who is just one of his now many sponsors says: “Vernon is a very impressive and determined young man who has  given time to undertake this challenge for a really worthwhile cause and I am tring to help him to raise as much money as possible.”

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