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MP welcomes commitment to Herne Bay Station

August 28th 2019

The Bay`s MP, Sir Roger Gale, has welcomed Network Rail`s commitment to a timetable for the provision of disabled and pushchair access to Herne Bay access to Herne Bay Station.


In a letter to the MP (attached) the company has spelled out the requirements for a programme leading to full accessibility by 2021.


“ I have been pressing for these improvements for a very long time” says Sir Roger. “It has been unacceptable that a significant seaside resort such as Herne Bay has not offered a full and accessible  welcome to its disabled travellers and to those visitors travelling by rail with young children in prams and pushchairs.  I would of course like to have the work done by yesterday but given the design and planning work that has to be done I believe that the proposed timescale is realistic and achievable. I shall look forward to attending the opening of the new facilities in due course”.

To view letter, please click the PDF link below:

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