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Covid Vaccine Supply

January 19th 2021

I am gravely concerned by the shortage of the supply of Covid 19 Vaccine to local Primary Care Networks in Kent.


It seems to me that to  open large new centres that have to be supplied with vaccines and to promise to offer accelerated vaccinations to those over 70 while at the same time NHS staff and hundreds of 80 and 90 year olds remain untreated is sheer folly..


We have a good programme that is starting to deliver impressive results but once again we are in danger  over- promising and under- achieving  - completely unnecessarily. We need to stick to our schedule and our priorities , make sure that existing outlets are adequately  supplied and not try to get ahead of the game in some areas at the expense of others.


I have been in personal contact with the Secretary of State for Health this morning and he has assured me that the matter is receiving immediate attention.

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