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Corona Virus Pandemic

13th March 2020


For the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic I and my team will continue to operate as normally as possible within the issued guidelines.

While it is clearly necessary, in the interests of public health, to minimise exposure to possible infection and therefore to suspend  public access to our Thanet offices we shall continue to process all constituency casework as usual and regular “advice surgeries” will be conducted by telephone – please call 01843-848588 for an appointment.

I shall endeavour to attend to my normal duties in The House of Commons, where I am at present chairing The Environment Bill through its Committee stage.  While the situation that our Country, and indeed the World, faces is serious and warrants sensible precaution it is also necessary to maintain a sense of proportion. We can and will see our way through this difficulty, as we have had to endure other challenges, by working together and supporting and caring for each other. 


Conservative MP for Margate, Herne Bay & the Villages

01843 848588 (mornings to 2.00 p.m.)

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