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January 29th 2010

The appeal lodged by Roger Gale MP (North Thanet) against Sir Thomas Legg's ACA repayment demand has been allowed in full.
The MP, who had faced demands for the repayment of Parliamentary business telephone bills and for the alleged payment of "13 months' rent" in the 2008/2009 financial year said, following Sir Paul Kennedy's findings:
"I am, first, grateful to Sir Paul for quite clearly studying with care the information provided and for then reaching the only fair conclusion based upon the evidence that I had previously submitted to Sir Thomas Legg.
I had never refused to repay any sums properly due and, indeed, had indicated to Sir Paul that if he found any repayment to be warranted then I would accept his adjudication without question.
So far as I am concerned, this has never been about money but about reputation and I am naturally, therefore, pleased that Sir Paul's findings will be reflected in his report to the Members' Estimates Committee."   


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