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Internal Market Bill

September 9th 2020

From a swift reading of the Internal Market Bill, it appears Ministers will be taking powers to make up the rules and the law almost at whim. The much-lauded “oven-ready deal” now appears to have been at best half-baked when it was signed with a flourish as a great achievement by the Prime Minister. I fear that while there are some necessary provisions in the bill there will be many on the Conservative benches that, like myself, will be unable to support it without radical revision that allows it to comply with the International agreement that we have signed up to.

Put simply, I will not vote to break the law.

Post – December 31st the UK will be seeking trade deals with nations around the World. One of the arguments to leave the EU was to allow Britain to trade freely with countries around the world. That was claimed to be one of the advantages of leaving the European Union. . Why would any country want to strike a deal with Britain knowing that any agreement might not be worth the paper that it was written on?

We are at the endgame of serious negotiations. It is to our mutual advantage to strike a fair agreement and a good relationship with the EU27. Those who are too clever by half in Downing Street are in danger of jeopardising that noble enterprise in the interests of their own agendas by acting less than honourably.

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