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Westminster Dog of the Year - "Lifetime Achievement Award"

October 25th 2007


Lulu, the five year old Newfoundland belonging to North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale, has today (Thursday) been presented with an Outstanding Achievement award by the Kennel Club and the Dogs Trust at the final of the Westminster Dog of the Year presentations.

Lulu, who three years ago took the Dog of the Year title, received her framed certificate for her ongoing work for charities.

The eight-and-a-half stone canine is well known on the streets of Herne Bay and Thanet where she has collected funds for the Hospitals Leagues of Friends, St. John Ambulance, the Red Cross, Guide Dogs for the Blind, The Lifeboat and other human and animal charities.  Additionally, as a registered PAT (Pets as Therapy) dog she is a regular visitor to hospitals and residential homes.

"I think that it is a mark of the affection in which she is held by the foremost national organisations that they have seen fit to recognise the work of a truly remarkable animal in this way "says Roger.

"To have won the Dog of the Year Award three years ago was wonderful but I regard today's individual presentation as very special indeed. We shall have to find some way of rewarding her in a way that she, too, can appreciate."

Lulu was accompanied to the event by Lollie, the Gales seven month old Newfoundland puppy (who has also begun work for charities) and by Suzy, Roger's wife


Roger and Lulu

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