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East Kent Discovery Park

North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale, has today (Wednesday 17th August) welcomed the government`s announcement that a Discovery Park will be created in East Kent between Sandwich and Ramsgate and that it will be backed by Enterprise Zone status.
“First, this represents a great achievement for Laura Sandys, the Member of Parliament for Thanet South” says Roger Gale.  “Faced with the loss of thousands of Pfizer-based and dependent jobs in her constituency as a result of the firm`s decision to re-locate most of its business, Laura has harnessed a huge amount of effort and political goodwill in her successful endeavour to persuade the Government that East Kent should host one of relatively few Enterprise Zones.  As one of the area`s MPs it has been a privilege to join with other parliamentary colleagues and with the Leader of Kent County Council and to support her in this project but it is very clear where the true credit must lie.
We are all grateful for the Government`s recognition of our very considerable needs and we are also acutely aware of the fact that the creation of the Discovery Park will not of itself overnight resolve our unemployment or other social problems; there is no silver bullet that can do that and it is going to require a huge amount of further effort at every political level in order to capitalise on the opportunity that has been announced today but that opportunity is there and we must – and will – make the most of it.”

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