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Tourist Information Centre and Signage - MP Welcomes enhancements. 

June 11th 2009

The Bay's MP, Roger Gale, has welcomed Canterbury City's plans to enhance the tourist information facilities in the Council Offices and to improve visitor signage from the station into the Town Centre.

Speaking in The Bay on Thursday (11th June) the MP said:

"I appreciate that those who prefer the grievance to the solution are unlikely to accept either that the new facilities will represent a better information offer than the bandstand or that these changes have been in the pipeline for some time but the fact is that the City Council is honouring the undertakings given many months ago.

The current facilities in the Council Offices were a temporary pre-season measure designed to facilitate the vacating and re-letting of the bandstand space and it is now some weeks since I met with the leader of the Council and officers at the Council Offices to discuss longer-term provision.

At the end of this stage of the process we shall have more attractive and better signposted information in the heart of the Town, 24-hour touch screens at suitable locations and the most welcome transformation of the Bandstand space into a commercial venture offering another attraction for visitors which, it is hoped and expected, will not only provide further good restaurant services but will also sell bus tickets during normal opening hours.

Additionally, the City Council has secured funding to provide "fingerpost" signs directing visitors from the station to the Memorial Park, the Visitor Information Centre and the Seafront.

I regard this as real progress and as a clear indication of the City Council's ongoing commitment to the enhancement and development of Herne Bay and I look forward to the next stages of the renewal process once this, or the next,  government has approved the submissions."

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