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Roger Gale with Cole Barnard at the door of Number Ten

Ghurkhas - An Historic Defeat for the Government

This Labour Government has this (Wednesday) afternoon suffered what will prove to have been an historic defeat, says North Thanet's MP Roger Gale.

Speaking immediately following the result of the "Ghurkhas Justice" vote in the House of Commons the MP said:

"Earlier this afternoon I attended the rally outside parliament with Joanna Lumley in support of the Ghurkhas cause and met with two of the very few living holders of the Victoria Cross.  These brave men have epitomised service to our country and in return they have been offered only a shameful and dishonourable deal by the Government.

The House of Commons has taken a step towards the restoration of that honour by soundly defeating the Government. We now expect Ministers to come to the House immediately and to say how they propose to implement the clearly expressed will of parliament and to make provision so that the Ghurkha troops who have served in the UK armed Forces and who wish to do so are able to remain with their families in the United Kingdom".

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