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"A Future Fare for All" - and we shall all be paying it for years to come! 

February 20th 2010

North Thanet's veteran Tory MP Roger Gale has this (Saturday) morning derided the Labour Party's new campaign slogan launch as mis-spelt!
Speaking at a meeting in Margate the MP said:
"It ought to read ` A future Fare for All` because that would be more honest.  The "fare" for Labour`s failure is going to be paid by my constituents and their children and their grandchildren for years to come and I regard this gimmick as a spectacular own-goal.
It is not remotely surprising that the Prime Minister is now trying to air-brush his record out of the picture and to try to campaign upon some blue-sky dewy-eyed future instead of his record:  I cannot imagine any politician of any party wanting to campaign to seek re-election on Gordon Brown`s performance as either Chancellor or as Prime Minister.
Unfortunately for him, however, public memories are neither as short or as pliable as his advisers appear to think.  He is in a hole and today he is taking another massive shovelful downwards.
Like South Eastern Railways and the Secretary of State for Transport, under Labour, fares keep going up - and Brown's "fair" is no fun for those paying the bill" 

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