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Foreign Freight Transport – MP questions Accident Record



November 11th 2010

North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale, has tabled parliamentary questions querying the involvement of EU and Foreign Road Haulage vehicles in road traffic accidents within the UK .
In written PQs appearing on the Commons order paper today (Thursday) the MP asks. 

  1. What estimate has been made of the incidence of the involvement of (a) foreign-registered and (b) all heavy goods vehicles in road traffic accidents in the latest period for which figures are available and 

  2. If the Secretary of State for Transport will bring forward proposals for the inspection of foreign road haulage vehicles entering and leaving the UK. 

“I believe that we shall find” says Gale “that there is a disproportionate involvement of foreign lorries in Road Traffic Accidents and that that record is due in part to sight lines, certainly, but also due to the condition of the vehicles.


It is already an established fact that at present foreign trucks do considerable damage  to our roads while making no contribution to their upkeep. They arrive laden with EU duty-paid fuel and depart before refilling. In the interim they not only cause wear and tear on roads that they do not pay for but, more importantly, they become involved in accidents involving damage to other vehicles, injury and sadly, on occasions, death. Clearly Kent, as the main gateway County, bears the brunt of the problem but it is a national issue as well.
I await the Minister`s answers with great interest: I believe that the time has come to introduce a much more rigorous inspection regime to ensure that all vehicles entering the UK are roadworthy and carry appropriate mirrors for left-hand drive use and I also want reconsideration given to the application of a “Britdisc” road tax.
I would also like to see departure checks to ensure that the drivers of vehicles that have been involved in accidents do not leave our jurisdiction until cases have been heard and/or insurance claims settled”. 

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