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Domestic Fuel Prices - Huge Increases 

Novermber 30th 2007


A written parliamentary question tabled by North Thanet’s MP, Roger Gale, has revealed the true extent of both domestic and Industrial fuel prices under this Labour government over the last five years.

In his question Roger Gale asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry to state the aggregate rise in fuel prices for each year since 2002.

The response reveals a staggering increase in domestic fuel prices of 54 per cent in real terms in the cost of household gas between 2001/2 and 2005/6 with a 27 per cent rise in electricity charges.  For Industrial purposes the increases are 83 per cent (gas) and 57 per cent (electricity) respectively.

"These replies demonstrate the reasons behind the very real financial pain being experienced by, particularly, pensioners" says Roger Gale.  "Fuel Poverty was supposed to have been a thing of the past but with charges escalating through the roof it is not surprising that those on low incomes feel unable to heat their homes properly.

The costs also underscore the dangers in the United Kingdom’s increasing reliance upon overseas suppliers for energy: there is the very real prospect that unless the government gets to grips with the issue and develops a long-term energy policy we could end up not only paying exorbitant prices but being held to ransom by those whose political interests may not coincide with ours".

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