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Field Marshall Lord Bramall – Met Police must apologise

January 17th 2016

“The Met Police owes Field Marshall Lord Bramall a full apology for the distress caused to him personally and to his family” says North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale.

Sir Roger, a former member of the Home Affairs Select Committee who has held a warrant as a Special Constable while serving as an MP says:

The headlines say “War Hero cleared” but the fine print is at best mealy-mouthed. The Met police do not say “we got it wrong and we are sorry”. They say “there was insufficient evidence to instigate a prosecution”. That still implies that there was “some evidence” when the reality is that there clearly was none other than an allegation made by a fantasist. The Met has to come clean and my personal view is that it is time for the Commissioner to personally take responsibility, hold up his hands and admit that the force over which he presides allowed itself to be swayed by the witch-finding antics of politicians and pressure groups. That is the very least that an old soldier deserves before it is too late”


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