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Roger gets behind random kindness crusade 

July 16th 2009

North Thanet`s  MP, Roger Gale, signed up to take action to improve local communities this week, when he joined pop mogul Peter Waterman and BBC Apprentice star Claire Young, to get behind this year’s launch of CSV Make a Difference Day.

Held on Saturday October 31 the campaign – now in its fourteenth year – is the UK’s biggest day of hands-on volunteering, organised by CSV (Community Service Volunteers).

This year, the campaign is dedicated to creating a wave of small ‘kindness acts’ as a way to bring communities together, during an uncertain economic climate.  This week Roger pledged to take kindness to a whole new level by organising his own ‘kindness event’ to brighten up North Thanet and inspire other local projects and volunteers to sign-up.

CSV Ambassador and pop mogul Pete Waterman told Roger this week “Whatever you feel needs doing, and whatever your background or age, this is the time to act.  MPs have a powerful role to play in bringing organisations, local council’s and individuals together to make a difference.”

The charity is calling on MPs to organise an activity that will lift community spirits and bring people together in a wave of ‘random kindness’. 


Roger Gale said: “It’s easy to forget in the day-to-day chaos how powerful we are to make changes.  Through volunteering we can take action to spread kindness and make a real difference - which is why I’m signing up this year.”

CSV Make a Difference Day is a flagship event and is an opportunity for people to try volunteering with activities the two weeks either side of the 31 October.  Tens-of thousands of people are expected to take part, giving time rather than their money to make a positive impact on local communities.

CSV supporter, BBC Apprentice Star (2008) Claire Young said: “My motto ‘just do it’ applies to business but also everything I do, and I like to see things getting done instead of waffling on!  With so much financial uncertainty flying around, we need each other more than ever.  If every MP signed up to volunteer to spread a little kindness imagine what could be achieved!”

To find out more, register activity, or take part in a project near you, call the Make a Difference Day free hotline on 0800 284 533 or visit our website at 

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