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Turner Architect's award - Great news for Kent - MP 

October 8th 2007


North Thanet's MP has described as "great news for Kent and particularly good news for Margate" the award of the Stirling prize for Architecture to Turner architect David Chipperfield.
Speaking in Thanet on Sunday the MP said:

"I believe that the receipt, by the David Chipperfield practice, of this award demonstrates how very wise Kent and Thanet were to choose him to produce the new design for Margate's Turner Centre.

Those of us who attended David's presentation at the Winter Gardens earlier in the year were hugely impressed by the manner in which he was striving to achieve a design that would not only be a work of art in its own right but would provide the cornerstone for the Margate waterfront development.

I am certain that when David Chipperfield unveils his design at the Theatre Royal on the evening of 16th October we shall see something very special indeed.  We have a huge sum of money still to raise to bring the project to fruition and the award that David Chipperfield has earned will clearly assist in the fundraising process as people will want to contribute to the work of an architect of this international standing."

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