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Royal Mail – The Queen`s Head issue raised in Commons weeks ago! 


December 19th 2010

North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale, has this (Sunday) morning permitted himself a wry smile as apocalyptic newspaper headlines herald concerns over the future of the Queen`s head on British postage stamps.
“I first raised this in a written parliamentary question, which was answered by Post Minister Ed Davey (the one who is now “concerned”) back in mid October” says the MP (See 'Royal Mail Charter' press release issued earlier).  I then raised the specific issue of the Monarch`s head in terms on the floor of the House when the Secretary of State introduced the Postal Services Bill.  Aside from a recognition that “the brand” was commercially important I received the standard “not thought of here” response. Perhaps Vince Cable should have been paying more attention to Penny Black than to Erin Boag!
It is certainly a pity that the Minister for Post and the Secretary of State did not compare notes at the time but now perhaps the bill will be amended in order to protect a convention that dates back to Rowland Hill. The UK is the only country in the world that bears the Monarch`s head alone, without the name of the Country, on our postage stamps and as I said at the time it may be difficult to protect that if the Postal Service is sold off to the German Postal service or to Dutch-owned TNT.”

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