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Lulu the Newfoundland - A Tribute

November 3rd,  2008

Lulu, the Newfoundland and former Westminster Dog of the Year owned by Roger and Suzy Gale, has died.  She went to sleep peacefully this morning at the family home in Preston, Near Wingham, following a short illness.

Commenting on their loss Roger Gale said:

"Suzy and I have had many wonderful canine friends but Lulu was truly the "first among equals".  During her all-too-short life she has brought pleasure, joy and comfort, particularly through her work as a P.A.T (Pets as Therapy) dog, to a huge number of people.  She has also raised hundreds of pounds for charity - an endeavour for which she last year received a special "lifetime achievement" award at the Westminster Dog of the Year event (which she won in 2003).  Most of all she has been the dearest possible of friends to Suzy and myself and to our family.

Big dogs are not expected to make "old bones" but Lulu has been taken from us very prematurely and we shall miss her enormously.  Her work and her memory will be kept alive by Lollie, our eighteen month old Newfie, who graduated as a P.A.T. dog earlier in the year but Lulu was a one-off and she will never be replaced".

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