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Roger Gale with Cole Barnard at the door of Number Ten

Gale Backs Dad’s Quest

North Thanet’s MP Roger Gale this weekend bared his arm and gave a blood sample in support of the "Dad’s Quest" Prostate Cancer event held at Hartsdown College.

The MP joined dozens of other men "of a certain age" in volunteering for a PSA screening test.

Commenting on the event the MP said:

"Charlie Pepper’s father was younger than me when he became yet another victim of the killer disease, prostate cancer. We know that far too many people die far too young of a condition that, if diagnosed in its early stages, is treatable. 

Charlie’s determination to honour her father’s memory through the "Dad’s Quest" campaign to assist  the Prostate Cancer Support Association (Canterbury and Thanet Branch) and the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust is admirable and I want to help her to  raise the £16,000 needed to provide two multi-scanners for local hospitals or surgeries.  The greater the awareness and the more men that are screened the fewer the lives that will be unnecessarily lost. That has to be a project worth supporting." 


Roger giving blood sample

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