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Gale Welcomes government Support for Daylight saving Bill

North Thanet/Herne Bay  MP, Roger Gale has welcomed the Government`s support announced today (Friday, 28th October) for the Daylight Saving Bill.
Commenting on the announcement roger Gale said:
“This news will be warmly welcomed by the tourist industry, by sports clubs and sporting bodies, by community groups and by the road safety organisations that together with Members of Parliament have supported the “Lighter Later” campaign.
The evidence available suggests that preserving British Summer Time throughout the year and moving an hour of light for morning to evening could save many lives through making our roads safer.  The shift would also cut carbon emissions and give a boost to the tourist and sporting leisure economies as well.
There`s a lot of progress that has to be made before we secure the change in policy but Government support for the Private Members Bill gives it a chance of reaching the statute book that would not otherwise exist.
The Bill currently before the House will mandate the Government to conduct a proper review – the first for very many years – of the evidence for and against changing the clocks.  After passing its Second reading back in December 2010 the bill will get Government support following amendments to ensure that changes only happen with the support of the devolved administrations.  While this might seem like the tail wagging the dog – and there are plenty of us who feel that the Scots should pursue their own policy and adopt their own time zone if they wish to do so – the political reality is that without Government support the bill is dead.  Those of us who want to see the law changed now have to seize this opportunity to further argue the case and to drive the project forward.”

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