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Manston Airport – MP and owner meet at The House of Commons



April 16th 2014


North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale, has this (Wednesday) morning met with the owner of Manston Airport, Mrs. Ann Gloag to discuss the future of the business.
Speaking following the lengthy discussion Sir Roger has said:
“It is clear from the figures that I have now seen, that the results generated by the airport have been disappointing and the loss of some anticipated revenue streams has placed the operators in a difficult financial position.
I believe, though, that there is genuine care for the future of the staff and goodwill towards the airport as a going concern.  Even at this late stage I think that a buyer with the resources to pay a fair price for the assets and to meet the operating costs while the business is developed were to come forward then the “Willing seller/Willing buyer” demands  could be met.
Clearly time is now short and in the interests of all concerned – and from my point of view most particularly of those constituents that I represent who are employed at Manston – a decision will have to be taken in fairly short order.
I hold to – and have reiterated – the view that it is in the national interest that Manston should remain open as an operational airfield  and while I again do not wish to raise false hopes I shall continue to see if there is a way to keep open and to realise the true potential of the airport. In that desire I am, of course, joined by Laura Sandys who, as South Thanet`s MP, has been resolute in her support for the project.
Whatever the outcome, the Manston Working Group expects to  hold its inaugural meeting on Monday 28th April and on the same day I shall be raising “The Future of Manston Airport” in the House of Commons during an adjournment debate


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