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"Cows" Fundraiser

September 19th 2014


Held at Mill House, Hoath, at the home of the Secretary General of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, Carl Wright, and his wife Adele, a party afternoon of “moo-sic and dance” has raised £2500 towards a target figure of £3000 in aid of Ugandan War Widows in the Bukara co-operative.
Carl and Adele have said:
“On a recent trip to the majesty of the North Ugandan countryside we were struck by the stark poverty faced by many. Years of war and disease have left behind widows and fatherless children fighting for survival. For any one of the widows that we met a cow could offer her freedom by providing nutrition for her and her family. We are raising the money – each animal costs £350 – to buy a small herd of cows so that several families can become self-sufficient”.

The event was attended by Sir Roger Gale, Hoath`s MP, and about 100 guests


Carl, Adele and Sir Roger Gale

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