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Keep a social distance - from the beach!

May 20th 2020

“Keep a social distance – from the beach!”  That is the message from North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale, in the run up to the coming bank holiday weekend.


“I know it`s tempting – particularly in this glorious weather” says Sir Roger “but even my desperately hard-pressed local seaside businesses would prefer a short, good, summer season in July and August to a reckless bank holiday couple of days and the risk of a second wave of Covid 19 and another lockdown that would put paid to the entire summer season


We have no lavatory facilities and people have resorted to defecating in public places. We have no lifeguard cover on the bathing beaches and only a very few take-away food outlets are open.  Over the past few days people have even been driving from Essex- past Southend – to come to Herne Bay and Margate. That is madness. The idea that “it won`t get me” or that “we`ll get away with it” is exposing not only the visitors but their family and friends back home to terrible and possibly fatal infection.


The same message has to go out even to local people: “Stay very local. Stay away from the beaches. Beat Covid 19. Save lives”.  If there is no surge in the infection figures – and of course that is the last thing that I want – then I shall be accused of being alarmist.  I can live – literally – with that. I would ask everyone to err on the side of caution and instead of a cheap and nasty Whit weekend to look forward to a grand re-opening of pubs, restaurants, cafes and full beach facilities – hopefully in time for the summer mid-July”.


Contact Roger Gale 01227-722110


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