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Tax Credits – Renew claims or lose payment warns MP 

July 18th 2010


North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale, is warning that tax credit claimants who do not renew their claims by the end of the month (31st July) by the return of their renewals packs  stand to lose their payments.
“It is very important that this up-to-date renewal information is supplied” says Gale.  “Every year MPs are faced with constituents whose credits have been terminated because either the forms have not been renewed or because they have been inaccurate or incomplete. This then leads to weeks of wrangling over reinstatement and may involve Revenue and Customs demands  for repayment of money already spent as well. That can cause very considerable grief and disrupt hard-pressed family budgets.
People need to make sure that the correct information, based upon and backed up by payslips and the end of year P60, is submitted by 31st July.”

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