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A Brave decision taken by a brave man in the national interest"



June 12th 2008

North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale, has described the decision taken by Shadow Home secretary David Davis to stand down from parliament and fight a by-election in his own seat in the cause of the liberty of the individual as "a brave decision taken by a very brave man in the national interest".

Gale, who served as a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party under David Davis and who has worked in support of Davis` leadership campaigns, said at lunchtime today (Thursday):

"It is typical of the man that I have come to know to put the interests of his Country before the interests of his Party and above any personal interests or ambitions.

David feels very strongly, and rightly, that the liberties and the freedoms of the individual have, under this government, been eroded to the point of danger and as a consequence he believes that a stand has to be made.  By putting his own career and his own reputation on the line he has created the opportunity for the electorate to send a clear message to the Prime Minister without placing the wider interests of the Conservative Party in jeopardy.

David Cameron, as the Leader of the Official Opposition, has indicated that although the decision has been taken individually and personally by David Davis he will have the full support of the leader and his party. It is a sadness that some have chosen to try to present this as the result of an imaginary rift between the Shadow Home Secretary and the Leader of the Party because that is patently not the case.

I hope and believe that David's constituents will take pride in the fact that they are represented by a Member of Parliament that is prepared to stand up for their historic rights and values and that they will send him back to Westminster in a few weeks` time with an overwhelming majority."

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