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Baroness Thatcher – Statement – Sir Roger Gale, MP

The death of Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven  this (Monday) morning marks the end of a political era.
As Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher inherited from James Callaghan`s Labour government , in 1979, a country that had been brought to its knees by industrial action and that was nearly bankrupt. She introduced policies that turned the fortunes of our  country around while at the same time presiding over the execution of the Falklands war. Ever the patriot she was able to claim, when she led the Conservative Party to a second electoral victory in 1983, “It`s Great to Be Great Again”!
Margaret Thatcher  will assuredly go down in history not only as Britain`s first woman Prime Minister but, in her own right, as one of our Country`s greatest Prime Ministers of all time. Very many people around the world owe their freedom and their lives to the determination of a true conviction politician and Statesman and her legacy will be felt for generations to come.
To those who were proud be to able to count her not just as a political colleague but as a friend she will be remembered for many acts of unsung kindness and solicitude. Not for nothing was she affectionately  known by her young MPs and party officials as “Mother”.  She will be hugely missed by her supporters and by many political opponents alike and our thoughts are with her daughter and her son at what is clearly a very sad time for her family.

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