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Brown "has pawned our children’s future" - MP

November 24th,  2008

North Thanet’s MP, Roger Gale, has this (Monday) evening said that Prime Minister Brown has "placed our children’s future in the pawnshop", in the measures set out in his pre-budget statement.

"This Government has run up a debt that the UK is going to be saddled with for years" says the MP.  "For the sake of some pitiful, short term and almost certainly ineffective tax cuts before Christmas Brown’s Chancellor, Mr. Darling, has locked the country into tax rises that will be born by business and employees for years while leaving those in real need, pensioners, children and the disabled little or no better off. I do not believe that a 2.5% cut in VAT is going to do anything of substance to persuade people who are frightened and in debt to part with still more money that they do not, in reality, have.

Brown and Darling have tried to persuade the public that this is a "crisis made in America".  The fact is that the crisis of borrowing and debt, both national and personal, faced in the UK is Made in Britain as a result of a lack of regulation, profligate public spending and uncontrolled personal borrowing against artificial property prices. This is a sad and humiliating day for our country."

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