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Night Time Flying Consultation – MP Welcomes Council`s approach to consultation


North Thanet/Herne Bay MP, Roger Gale has welcomed Thanet District Council`s request of Infratil (Manston Airport Operators) that the company provides greater clarification and re-submits its proposals before plans are put to public consultation.

“All of the arguments that I have advanced to date hold good” says the MP. “Air Traffic Control, Fire and Customs and ancillary services all have to be paid for while passenger services to and from Manston are being developed.  That means a dependency, in the short to medium term, upon freight and that, in turn, is likely to require greater flexibility over night-time movements.
At the same time it is clear that some aspects of the proposal are too technical for public consideration in their approach and that the company needs to refine its likely requirement in order to make the position clearer, more straightforward and easier to understand.  They will also need to offer greater justification for their requests.


That is what negotiation is about and hope that as a result of the discussions that have taken place between the Leader of the Council, Bob Bayford, Charles Buchanan representing Infratil and myself it will be possible, in due course, to put a clearer and more refined proposals to the public of East Kent for consideration and comment”.

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