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Roger Gale with Cole Barnard at the door of Number Ten

Disability Living Allowance - A Ministerial Response But Still No Answer.  

January 21st 2009

North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale, has now received a written ministerial response to his question to the Department for Work and Pensions asking:

Pursuant to the answer of 15th December 2008 on social security benefits (Official Report Col.420w) overseas residence, how many of the 1700 requests for payment of (a) the core component of disability living allowance, (b) attendance allowance and © carer's allowance from those who had previously lived in the UK and are now living in another EEA state or Switzerland have been granted.

In reply the Minister, Jonathan Shaw, says:

As explained in my written answer of 15th December 2008, we are still considering the implications of the European Court's decision on paying Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance and Carer's Allowance to people who claim from another EEA state or Switzerland. We will publish the entitlement criteria on the Directgov website as soon as the details have been finalised. As a result we are not yet in a position to make decisions on individual awards for these customers.

Commenting on this reply Roger Gale says:

"It would seem that it is in order for UK taxpayers to contribute to benefits paid to those who arrive in the UK from overseas but that this government is prevaricating over the implementation of the decision of the European Court and is reluctant to pay out to those who have contributed to the UK tax system for most if not all of their lives.

I regard this as shoddy behaviour and I have asked our new Shadow Minister, Mark Harpur, to take up the issue.

I have also tabled a similar oral question for response at DWP questions on Monday 2nd February - but of course oral questions are a lottery and this may not be called."

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