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MP challenges Richborough connection

September 17th 2015


North Thanet's MP, Sir Roger Gale, has this (Thursday) morning challenged National Grid's proposal for a chain of pylons between Richborough and Canterbury.

Questioning the Secretary of State for Energy ( Amber Rudd) on the floor of the House of Commons the MP said:

"While we understand that due to the failure of the policies of previous governments it is necessary to import electricity from mainland Europe in order to keep the lights on in Britain it is not acceptable to run a series of massive pylons from Richborough in Kent to Canterbury. If it is possible for National Grid to bury power cables in the New Forest then it is possible for them to do so in the Garden of England. Will the Secretary of State ensure that this happens?"

Responding, Amber Rudd acknowledged the beauty of Kent's rural landscape and correspondence received from the MP. She has undertaken to review the matter further in the light of his comments.

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