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Wildlife Crime

February 6th 2014

North Thanet's  MP Sir Roger Gale, President of Conservative Animal Welfare , has today condemned the twin threats posed by "moronic tourists" and organised crime to the world's endangered wildlife. Speaking in the debate on wildlife crime in the Commons this afternoon the MP poured scorn on "the cowards who go out with Rifles with telescopic sights to slaughter animals and then go back to Japan or the USA or Europe to boast about how close they got and how brave they are.

This so - called tourist trade in what is revoltingly known as "canned hunting has to be brought to an end "
The MP also hit out at the "Chinese and Far-Eastern mafia cashing in on a primitive belief in the medicinal powers of rhino horn and tiger bone that have no more medicinal value than toenail clippings "
Welcoming the International conference to be held at Lancaster House next week which will launch United for Wildlife with the backing of the Duke of Cambridge,Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh Sir Roger added " the conference must end not in words but in action backed by hard cash and by ruthless enforcement."

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