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Quex Extravaganza - "A Rocking Great Success!" - MP

July 20th 2008

North Thanet’s MP, Roger Gale, has described as "rocking great success" the Quex Extravaganza held on Saturday and organised by the Westgate and Birchington Rotary Club in aid of the Thanet Cancer Care appeal.

The MP, who attended the 70`s Rock Concert with his wife, Suzy, South Thanet's Laura Sandys and her husband, Randolph Kent said after the event:

"This was a fantastic promotion, very well run, attended and enjoyed by thousands of people and raising significant funds for a most worthwhile cause.  I understand from organisers that the remaining debt on the QEQM Cancer Care unit will have been wiped out by the proceeds from this one night's work. That is an incredible achievement in itself".


Laura and Randolph

Roger & Laura

Roger Gale, who as a television producer and director put pop music on the TV screen throughout the 70`s, ( and booked Suzi Quatro for Multi-Coloured Swap Shop!) added:

"I have attended a lot of concerts in my time and I know just how much sweat and tears goes into organising them. The Westgate and Birchington Rotary Club Members and their supporters have, as amateurs and volunteers, put together a show that would give most professionals pause for thought. They have done brilliantly and they deserve huge thanks for their work.

The groups - The Glitter Band, Meet T-Rex - were on great form and Suzi Quatro has to be one of the greatest Rockers in the business and she really set the night sky on fire.  It was a tremendous show"

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