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“Let the People Decide”



Laura Sandys MP (South Thanet) and Sir Roger Gale MP (North Thanet) with the architect of the Referendum Bill, James Wharton, MP (Stockton South) during his visit to East Kent on Friday.

James Wharton, whose bill will create the legislative framework for the In/Out Referendum on the European Union which the Prime Minister has promised will be held before 2017, had a clear message for his audience:
“Whether you want to remain within the European Union or you want out it is time that the British People had their say.  Only a majority Conservative government after the next General Election will call the referendum. A vote for any other party will deny people the chance to decide for themselves which path we want to take”.

James Wharton`s bill has passed through all of its stages and is now in the House of Lords where it is facing opposition from Labour and Liberal Democrat peers.

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