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May 3rd 2013

I am pleased that our Conservative County Councillor, Alan Marsh, was returned to continue to represent Herne and Sturry.
I am deeply saddened, however, that those very many supporters who voted for Jeannie Law and David Hirst have been denied the opportunity to continue to be represented by two excellent and hardworking representatives. For the people of The Bay their loss, politically, will be considerable.
There are many exciting plans for Herne Bay that are in the pipeline and Alan and I, working with the controlling Conservative Group at County Hall and our Conservative colleagues on the City Council, will continue to strive to bring those plans, which relate to infrastructure, transport, healthcare, housing, education and leisure, to fruition.  I know that Jeannie and David will continue to do their best, as City Councillors, to assist us in this task.

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