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“Let's Get Gardening” challenge

North Thanet`s MP, Sir Roger Gale with Ben (9) from Monkton at the launch of B&Q`s Thanet launch of the “Let`s Get Gardening” challenge
Young contestants have each been given a free sunflower plant in attempt to beat the world record for the number of sunflowers grown at one time and there is also a competition to find the grower of this season`s tallest sunflower.
“The aim of all of this “says Sir Roger, “is to encourage young people to get gardening and to understand the fun and the satisfaction that can be had from raising your own plants. Earlier this week I also visited the Dane Valley Community allotments and vegetable gardens, which has great facilities for kids. I thing that it`s a very good thing that real effort is being made both commercially and socially to encourage young people to find out for themselves what makes things grow and why”. 

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